SYN Platform is a dedicated interface that dons several forms, to emphasize the adoption of renewable, transparent, and sustainable energy sources. Although we already discussed the modus operandi of SYN Ledger, the SYN Platform, along with its diverse set of applications, makes sure that the technology is exactly put to good use.

SYN Charge

Peer-to-Peer Electric Vehicle charging application from SYN Ledger makes sure that charge station managers and owners can easily share energy across a unified platform with other Electric Vehicle drivers offering excess energy to those who are in need. Our application aims at developing a secure, seamless, and extremely smart charging arena; precisely targeting the smart charging requirements. Most important, the p2p EV Charging application offers peer-to-peer standards, roaming hubs, the existence of resilient trading networks, extensive growth, unmatched collaboration, and increased efficiency. Benefits


Private to Public transfers are supported.

Multiple charging hosts and unmatched accessibility.

Exceptional adherence between drivers, station owners, retailers via a dedicated application.

EV Driver

Start by creating a dedicated account and connect with several charging hosts for getting uninterrupted source of usable energy.
Drivers are usually skeptical when it comes to travelling long distances without additional energy reserves. Registering as an EV driver over the SYN Platform can therefore come in handy as they can: Benefits


  Get access to additional energy from the charging stations

  Stop worrying about additional work and source identification

  Stop waiting for public charging stations to appear on the way

Looking to register as an EV Driver. Connect with us Immediately

EV Charging Station Owner

Host drivers who require additional energy for their vehicles, regardless of the time of the day.
EV drivers get adequate energy from the charging stations and there is a specific way of listing oneself as the EV charging station owner. Benefits


  Stop worrying about additional work and source identification

  Stop waiting for public charging stations to appear on the way

  Stop waiting for public charging stations to appear on the way

Looking to register as an EV Charging Station Owner. Connect with us Immediately


The SYN p2p Energy Trading is more of a potent platform application with Blockchain as the underlining technology. This application is an integral part of the Syn Ledger environment with a highly operational base and advanced concepts leading the way. The best case scenario with p2p energy trading application is that the consumers become highly empowered in an otherwise unregulated sector. Most importantly, this application helps bring forth cleaner sources of energy while making trades transparent and free of carbonization, tedious grid management, and other worries.


Discrete connectivity between consumers and Prosumers across a confidential platform,

Net Metering technologies are available for determining any kind of surplus.

Also makes room for localized energy trading.via a dedicated application.


Although we did mention the existing applications for simplifying EV charging and Peer-to-Peer energy transfers, there has to be a specific payment method that works throughout the SYN Platform. SYN Pay, therefore, is the most preferred form of cryptocurrency that is derived by our professionals and helps EV drivers and charging station owners streamline their payment methods.


Enables drivers and station owners to make token-based transactions.

Extremely transparent approach.

Token distribution on the basis of charging and other utilities.