A Digital Currency powering EV charging and Energy industry towards a sustainable future

Syn Ledger ushers a Tokenized EV charging and Renewable energies economy creating a more inclusive , democratic and efficient marketplace

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November 2019

Announce Ambassadors and partners

Q1 2020

Syn Pay Wallet gets introduced

Q2 2020

Pilot Launch of the Syn Charge Network

Q3 2020

Synergy Application Launch

Q4 2020

Launch of Syn Ledger 2.0


Jason Fernandes


Mohan Sundaram


Sunjjoy Choudary


Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Rout


Pawel Doleglo


Maks Marchuk

Global Marketing Advisor


9 Jan - 2020

South Korea - Seoul

12 Jan - 2020

Japan - Tokyo

14 Jan - 2020

Chaina - Beijing

17 Jan - 2020

Hong Kong

25 Jan - 2020



It is a concrete platform that aims at disrupting the energy trading and EV charging landscape via a decentralized business module..

Syn Ledger thrives on the concept of Blockchain technology and makes sure that enterprise and individuals never run out of usable energy.

Dapps are Decentralized Application where applications and activities are supported on the lines of Blockchain technology

SYN Ledger boasts of Syn Charge, Synergy, and Syn pay as the most usable applications.

Syn Ledger believes that enterprises are always in need of energy either in the form of traded commodities or charge. Syn ledger aims at disrupting the existing arena with usable and decentralized inputs for rendering security to the existing transactions

Syn ledger aims at transferring residual energy from one platform to other and the transactions are handed across the Synergy application.

All the networks and energy transactions are initiated via tokens as Syn Ledger brings forth a marketplace that supports tokenization .

The future of Electric Vehicles are based and presumed depending on energy considerations and this is what Syn Ledger aims to streamline.

Renewable energy sources like solar and tidal energy need to be prioritized and this is what SYN ledge aims to achieve by transferring the same to the enterprises which require continuous energy supply.

Syn Ledger aims at streamlining the EV charging and energy trading issue by bringing blockchain into the scheme of things.

Syn Ledger comes forth with a vision to disrupt the existing energy trading and EV charging platform by adopting Blockchain technology in a more cohesive manner.

Syn Token is the entity against which the energy transactions and EV charging are monetized and calculated.

The usage of Syn token resembles any Blockchain token and works towards monetizing the interfaces in the best possible manner; thereby covering the aspects of energy trading and EV charging.

We are a firm that is looking to changing the global energy landscape by pushing forth a more renewable landscape to work with.

We would therefore like our clients and even the prospective consumers to start using renewable energy and connect with other suppliers across the self-sufficient network; in order to make way for a new and emerging ecosystem.